Realization of a complex sundial


The shadow of the golden sphere represents the position of the sun in the sky, moving on the dial indicates the zodiac sign every day, during the year it shows the passage of the sun on the equinoxes, solstices and on the entire astrological calendar, from the sign of capricorn to the sign of gemini and from the sign of cancer to the sign of sagittarius.

The shadow of the golden sphere during the day indicates, on the yellow lines numbered with Arabic numerals, the hours of light that are missing at sunset (our ancient Italic time system, according to which the day ended at sunset).

When the center of the sphere’s shadow touches the curved line similar to an elongated eight painted in blue, green, yellow and red, it indicates noon in our time zone: in the winter months on the blue stroke; on the green stretch in the spring months; on the yellow section in the summer months and the red section in the autumn months; 12.00 when winter time is in effect and 13.00 when summer time is in effect in our time zone.

The shadow of the stainless steel rod, positioned so as to be parallel to the earth’s rotation axis, scrolling on the hour lines, drawn every 5 minutes only in their terminal part near the frame and numbered with Roman numerals, indicates the time solar true of Garlasco.

For a more detailed explanation read the description at the bottom of the home page.

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