A sundial composed of three dials, made on three different sides. Two of them, oriented east and west, are the two faces of the disc, while the thickness of the disc itself, is used for drawing the actual sundial line.
This is a peculiar sundial, suitable to be placed either in the garden or on a large windowsill, or to be displayed on a table in a veranda.
A sundial named after the ancient Roman God Janus, the two-faced God, whose two faces looked respectively to the past and to the future, but could not see the present; the God of beginnings, of solstices, and of the cycle of the seasons, January, the first month after the winter solstice, is dedicated to him; the God of passages, guarding the gates, both entrances and exits, with his two faces, watched over entrances and departures at the same time.
As does the sundial, which with its two faces, facing east and west, presides over the entry and exit of the sun into our day, indicating the rotation of the seasons, with the solstices, equinoxes and all the changes of sign of the zodiac.
The hours of the time chart refer to the true solar time of the place of installation. On the marble base, the chart can be engraved with the minutes to be added to the hour indicated on the dial, in order to obtain the time of the time zone.
The disc, made of stoneware, is hand-decorated with a third fire.The two east and west quadrants have turned steel gnomons, while the sundial line has a pinhole gnomon.
The base, in Italian marble, is made of travertine or Carrara marble.
Each work is made only on commission, customised, numbered and signed.
Like all sundials, it is accompanied by documentation containing the instrument’s data sheet and explanations for its correct use.

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