Those who want a wall sundial in the third millennium certainly don’t do so because they have no way of knowing the time. Even though sundials reach the precision of one minute, the charm of these instruments transcends their primary function. In sundials mathematics, astronomy, history and culture intertwine and merge, making them the ideal works of art to be adapted to each client’s own sensitivity.

In sundials with an astronomical calendar, the movement of the shadow of the gnomon indicates the time during the day, while the lengthening or shortening of the shadow of the gnomon at a specific point in the seasons indicates the zodiacal position of the sun and the day of the year, with only the necessity of distinguishing whether it is winter, spring, summer, or autumn.

For the correct design of a vertical sundial, it is fundamental to know the latitude, longitude and orientation of the wall (the angle expressed in degrees and tenths, which the wall forms with the direction of astronomical north) on which the sundial will be frescoed.

These peculiarities have acted as an insurmountable defect that has effectively prevented the mass production of sundials, and it has contributed to preventing their diffusion. On the other hand, this limitation, which at first sight seemed like a flaw, has today become the strong point of these instruments, transforming them into extraordinary, unique, and exclusive works created specifically for each individual client. All this makes frescoed sundials not just sundials or elaborate decorations, but rather works of art outside of any scheme, capable of intriguing, fascinating, giving answers and second-guessing.

Following is a selection of some hand-painted sundials. All my works are entirely designed and painted by me. The cost has not been made public, as each sundial is the expression of each individual client, none will ever be made similar to another (in terms of astronomical data, dimensions, orientation and more).

For any information on the feasibility of a sundial or the related costs, please contact me via email or phone.

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