Garden sundials are a variant of the more common painted sundials. Our long tradition of sculptural sundials began with the Roman Empire (in Pompeii they found many sculptural sundials with a concave shape, in which the celestial sphere was represented upside down). During the past centuries, sundials were used to decorate and enrich Renaissance gardens, the gardens of Baroque villas and the gardens of nineteenth-century noble villas.

Nowadays garden sundials can be used as prestigious works to decorate and embellish representative places, but generally, they find their natural location in any place where they can invite viewers to dedicate time to themselves, and nothing is more suitable than a garden for reflecting on the value of slow living and the importance of our time.

Usually, these are sundials made on horizontal surfaces, but they can be designed for vertical surfaces as well, inclined and oriented in the most varied ways, or on curved, concave or convex dials, of any shape and size. They may also take on sculptural forms up to monumental sizes. The materials commonly used are marble or stone, chosen based on the client’s preferences; gress; stainless steel; cor-ten steel usually with an oxidized finish; brass, bronze, also with 24 kt gold finish. Unlike hand-painted sundials, these garden sundials can be designed starting only from the geographical coordinates of their final installation site.

Garden sundials are also used as valuable gifts for wedding anniversaries or other important commemorations. They are designed on commission for any country, based on the geographical coordinates of the installation site. Then they are created in our laboratory and shipped to the customer. They can be customized with verses or phrases dedicated to those celebrating and the diagram can even be engraved with the line that the sun travels on the day of the celebrated anniversary.

Below is a series of examples of some hand-made, horizontal sundials for gardens, as all my works are entirely designed and created by me. The cost has not been made public, as it is unlikely for two sundials to be similar (in terms of astronomical data, dimensions, materials, execution techniques, finishes and more).

For any information on the feasibility of a sundial or the related costs, please contact me via email or phone.

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