In the large family of sundials, there is a particular type of dial that was used especially in northern Europe: a dial traced on a glass window rather than on the wall, so that it can be observed from inside the house. Those are called also indoor sundials.

Taking inspiration from this, it is also possible to create dials for garden sundials so that they can be positioned on a column or any other type of support to be able to observe them transparently as if they were a window onto the sky, through which one can observe the sky and the projection of the ecliptic, and the virtual path of the sun marked by the celestial meridians. These are ideal sundials to be positioned in gardens or on terraces, and they can even be designed for any orientation and can then be adjusted correctly during installation.

These sundials can be made on leaded windows and decorated with grisaille, as it was done in the past, or by using different engraving or etching techniques on any glass, whether it is a window or small plates that can be observed while sitting comfortably in the garden. These sundials, like garden sundials, must be created according to the geographical coordinates of the final installation site of the work.

Like garden sundials, transparent sundials are also used as precious gifts for wedding anniversaries or other important commemorations. They are designed on commission for any country, based on the geographical coordinates of the installation site. Then they are created in our laboratory and shipped to the customer. They can be customized with verses or phrases dedicated to those celebrating and the diagram can even be engraved with the line that the sun travels on the day of the celebrated anniversary.

Below is a series of examples of some glass sundials, which are entirely designed and created by me, as all my works are. The cost has not been made public, as it is unlikely that one sundial will be made similar to another (in terms of astronomical data, dimensions, materials, execution techniques, finishes and more).

For any information on the feasibility of a sundial or the related costs, please contact me via e-mail or telephone

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